Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It was hot today too...

I'm going to continue posting photos from each day here:


The gallery will be divided into sections.

RCGA and July in May

Today kicked off the Canadian University and College Golf Championship hosted by U of T and the Thornhill C.C. The unseasonably warm weather meant that the practice rounds were long and the athletes arrived back at the club house exhausted and sweaty. Today's team photos and photos of the opening ceremony are available for viewing at www.imajing.com/ordergalleries/060529golf/ The athletes are welcome to right-click on the photos and download them for their own use. Media, please let me know if you require any of the photos in higher resolution. Media credit to Jing-Ling Kao / imajing.com Please note that I will be away from the computer and out on the course on Tuesday from about 12:30 - 6 p.m. so will not be able to answer any requests then. My email is jing@imajing.com

I hope for the sake of the athletes (and me, as I'll be out on the course taking action shots) that it's not as hot tomorrow!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dragons Rugby

I couldn't be in Boston this weekend with my Dragons basketball team, so spent Saturday afternoon with the men's Dragons rugby team instead... the namesakes are a coincidence. So needless to say there are a whole lot of tshirts that say Dragons-something on them in this house.

I hope to make it out to as many as their games as possible this year. So if it's not a wedding on a saturday, then I'll be honing my rugby photography skills.

Photos here

Thursday, May 25, 2006


is simple for a dog

Friday, May 19, 2006

Online ordering madness

The best $99 I have spent recently: EOS Template.
EOS Template is a handy, fully customizable ordering system which integrates with my current photoshop workflow. It makes everything easier for both the client and me.

Here's an example of an order gallery:
Mya's photos

The client picks the quantity of prints right on the page with the photo they want. Then, they have the choice to print out their order and send in by mail, or to email the order. I, in turn, get an organized 'matrix' of the order, complete with file number, quantity, and payment amount owed to me. No more crazy excel sheets, transcribing and other wastes of time. I've spent the last couple of working days converting all the projects with outstanding orders to this new system. Hope you like it! Also, please send any suggestions you may have on how to improve the process.

(I'm currently not equipped to accept credit cards over the internet - and will stick to the old fashioned way of taking that information for the time being.)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!


Yesterday was Jennifer and Lewko's wedding. I used to work with Jennifer at U of T and it was great to see her again, and to see her surrounded by loving friends and family. They looked immensely happy and really know how to throw a great party! It was great fun to be a guest at such a fun wedding. They thought of details like having a balloon twister for the kids, a polaroid photo booth for the big and little kids, personalized M&M candies in the gift box, personalized ribbon, a printed runner for the church aisle. Wow. Congratulations Jennifer and Lewko!

Always Bring your Business Cards

Even though I wasn't working at the wedding last night, I was reminded of ABYBB because you never know who you'll meet or see again. Reconnected with Steph Summerhill, a PHE alum who was always around the alumni-communications office when she was a student. She's doing well for herself, and is not only working for Leaf's goalie Ed Belfour, but has also started her own event and catering company. Upcoming events include cooking lessons for singles! What a great concept and she definitely has the energy and gumption to make it a success. Looking forward to working with Steph in the future.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mazel Tov!

Congratulations to Alex on his Bar Mitzvah! Alex is the eldest of four children and I look forward to photographing the baseball themed party on Sunday. Video coverage will be provided by my colleague Jenny Seo.

Thanks are due to my rec basketball teammate Marc (teacher of Alex's younger brother), who was able to refer me to the family.