Saturday, June 13, 2009

More babies!

I'm sure other self-employed and free-lancers out there will agree that it is hard to say no and just stop working when you are supposed to be on vacation/having me-time/or in my case, be on maternity leave. It's justified though, I'm just doing computer work these past few days, but also, when I do shoot, as in the case of the occasions below, I'm actually socializing - with camera in hand.

My cousin Anna was in town again this week and we were able to fit in a fun portrait session with her sons Hewitt and Emmett. It was the first time they came over to my home instead of me visiting them at her in-laws in Mississauga so it made for some interesting times with managing the enthusiasm of my two dogs (who have had some great baby-practice these past couple of weeks!).

Proving that fashion trends are cyclical, velour tracksuits for both boys.  

So typical of their personalities.  That's mellow Emmett posing nicely in the foreground with his older, rambunctious brother Hewitt making full use of the entire set (a queen size bed).

Also visiting from out of town is my best friend Karen and her new baby Adeline.   Adeline is a champion cryer and I think the funniest thing was when Fred saw the photos and exclaimed, "She looks so small!  She seemed so much bigger when she was crying all day last Sunday!" 

But don't get me wrong, she just happens to be a sensitive baby and was pretty happy for the entire time of my visit.  Here she is in a little hat I had knit for her back in the winter.  It finally fits!
Karen and I have known each other since we were about 10 years old.  It is really amazing to see her as a mother.

I think blue is her colour.

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