Thursday, January 03, 2008

creative release

Happy new year everyone!

I realize I've been away from this blog for too long... a mixture of last minute holiday order printing, holiday entertaining (and being entertained) has all of a sudden brought me to January! I've also had a few photo sessions scattered among the parties.

This year I decided to make the majority of my gifts and took up crocheting again and was able to master making scarves and toques in time for gifting. It's very fulfilling to create something concrete, even if it is later to be given away. I also started a painting of our puppy Six. That's a little bit more challenging, especially since there is no pattern to painting and since it's something I only dabble in a few times a year, my drawing and paint techniques are rudimentary at best. But it is all very satisfying. It has made me appreciate the holidays, though brief, and the creative process. It's like exercises - the photography muscle was getting fatigued and it was time to break stride and make stuff using other 'muscles'.

I hope that everyone reading this has had time to also reflect - whether it is making a new year's resolution or just giving thanks for your abundance in friends, family and food. May your 2008 be a year of fulfillment!