Sunday, June 07, 2009


Even though I've been reading up on lots of pregnancy and parenting books books I still get a bit stumped when these books keep referring to the mom in the equation. It takes me a sec to realize that they are referring to me, the mom-to-be. Up until now, when someone refers to mom, I think of the only mother I've known all my life, MY mommy!

I hope she doesn't mind me posting this, but my mother just recently turned 60 in April. All she wanted for her birthday this year was a set of photos of herself commemorating the occasion. Apart from being the big 6-0, this landmark age holds particular significance for us Chinese folks because it is also a multiple of 12 - the zodiac cycle, so it is also 'your' year when you turn 60. (It is the year of the ox). These photos weren't actually done until about a month after, on May 17 and of course we went to the my trusty Wychwood Barns for some nice distressed wood and beautiful concrete backgrounds. It was early in the day (around 10 a.m.) which in the spring makes for harsh outdoor lighting but there were enough interesting shady spots.

Also, even though the post date says June 7, I'm actually writing this a week later. I just have so much blogging to catch up on I didn't want to cram it all in one post. Yes, that's sort of cheating but oh well.

Here are a few favourites of my mom.

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