Tuesday, May 30, 2006

RCGA and July in May

Today kicked off the Canadian University and College Golf Championship hosted by U of T and the Thornhill C.C. The unseasonably warm weather meant that the practice rounds were long and the athletes arrived back at the club house exhausted and sweaty. Today's team photos and photos of the opening ceremony are available for viewing at www.imajing.com/ordergalleries/060529golf/ The athletes are welcome to right-click on the photos and download them for their own use. Media, please let me know if you require any of the photos in higher resolution. Media credit to Jing-Ling Kao / imajing.com Please note that I will be away from the computer and out on the course on Tuesday from about 12:30 - 6 p.m. so will not be able to answer any requests then. My email is jing@imajing.com

I hope for the sake of the athletes (and me, as I'll be out on the course taking action shots) that it's not as hot tomorrow!


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