Monday, May 25, 2009

Sally & Sean

Congratulations to Sally and Sean!

The Windemere House resort on Lake Rosseau provided a stunning backdrop for their wedding. The wedding party and family were troopers, braving the swarming black flies... some of the photos that won't make it online include mysterious streaks across the sky (fly flying across the lens) and ones of people waving their hands in front of their faces. Regardless, I'm more than happy with the results and will soon have the rest of the wedding online for viewing.

It was a great day and a totally satisfying way to send myself off on my (approximately) four month mat-leave. I'll be back with weddings in October. A few family portraits in the meantime, but looking forward to the new challenge of motherhood in the next month or so! Oh, so if you want prints, let me know now! I think I've sent emails to most people with any outstanding print credits.

UPDATE: photos are now online! Log in with the groom's last name at:


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