Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Babies everywhere

I wonder if it's like when you a new word and you start seeing that word used everywhere, that recently I see strollers and pregnant women everywhere I go. But there is truly a population explosion in my neighbourhood and not just my imagination. I chatted with my neighbour Susan this morning while walking the dogs and she pointed out five houses expecting babies or with brand new babies, just on her little section of the street.

I've always loved photographing babies and have a few new pics to show off. The first baby here is Noah, who is rapidly growing out of baby-hood - the best part is that I have gotten to document his growth over three photo sessions over the past two years. Like any little boy he loves his cars and will get to sleep in an awesome car-bed when he moves to his big-boy room!

And here is little Audrey who I met today. Tami dropped by with her and her sister Maya and we had a great time walking around the neighbourhood. I played U of T rugby with Tami and also shot her wedding a couple of Octobers ago. We visited the Cupcakery at St. Clair and Glenholme and then came back to my backyard for a rest. Audrey is a real sweetheart and totally photogenic.

I should be working on some albums and editing but I had to get these photos out of my system first!


At 7:51 PM, Blogger Maggie May said...

what beautiful babie!


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