Friday, November 16, 2007

more photos... but i can't show you

As promised I took more photos today... but I can't show you because I'm staying at my cousin Anna's new condo in Brooklyn and the borrowed wireless internet from the high school across the street is way too slow and intermitent to allow for photo uploads.

So today I woke up in the empty old apartment at around 8 and then promptly went back to sleep - because I could! Unfortunately the second time I woke up was because I was having a terrible dream where all my teeth were falling out. (Ever have one of those? Terrifying!). After shaking that off I proceeded with my plan of Starbucks, Central Park, museum. I only made it to one museum and it was a doozy - the Metropolitan Museum of Art, otherwise known as the Met.

I thought I would just check out the lobby and museum shop - and I thought I would stick to that decision when I saw that admission was $20. But then I caught a glimpse of a huge greek (i think) column behind an open hall of marble statues and I knew that I couldn't pass on the Met. (Upon getting to the ticket booth guy I learned that the admission price was a SUGGESTED amount (it was in the small print that I couldn't see from a distance) but I already had a twenty out and said fine. I later found out that nobody pays $20. I really need to pick up my new glasses).

I did a whirlwind tour of almost the entire place. It's huge. It's inspiring. It's overwhelming. I employed the same philosophy as when I hit the Paris museum circuit: don't know when I'm coming back, try to take it all in. After about 3 hours of it my feet and my brain had enough. Some highlights included the egyptian temple, the Crossing of the Delaware painting, the 'Eternal Ancestors' central African artifact special exhibition, and the baroque tapestries.

Well, hopefully I'll get a better internet connection later this weekend and I can share these photos. My working weekend begins tomorrow with a session with little Juliet!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New York New York

Some shots from today at the Museum of Modern Art... I'm here in New York city to visit my cousin and take some photos and take in some sights.

My day started very early with a 5 a.m. cab ride to the airport, then a bumpy flight and a second cab ride to Anna and Stanley's almost empty apartment. They are in the middle of a move (great timing I know!) so tonight I'm staying in Manhattan on the Upper West Side and then after tomorrow I'll be joining them in their new apartment in Brooklyn.

Anyone who has been to NYC knows that there is a unique flavour to this city. I'm on a treelined street with ubiquitous brownstones and signs on trees asking good neighbours to 'curb' their dogs. Central Park is a short walk away (which I plan to cross tomorrow get to the east side for more museums, after a Starbucks pit stop of course). The subway system is extensive and exactly how it's depicted on tv shows and movies (busy, and a bit smelly).

The famed Rockerfeller plaza Christmas tree is first of all, huge, and still being set up under a huge layer of scaffolding. Here's a quick shot I grabbed of another area being set up. This is by the Apple store at the SE corner of Central Park.

I'll endeavour to take more photos tomorrow... I was too busy just taking it all in with my mental camera (and holding an umbrella).

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November Snapshots

The latest Imajing Newsletter is now available, click here (PDF) for the November edition of Snapshots.

Contents this month include:
- October recap - recent weddings and family portraits
- Weekday promotion for November
- Snapshot Tip - Off Centre
- Friends - GuluWalk