Wednesday, January 31, 2007

on photography

There are a few photography websites I like to visit regularly and invariable, they lead to interesting links... I know I've barely scratched the surface of photography blogs - and these range from that of wedding photographers, fine art photographers, equipment reviews, technique blogs...

I was half asleep this morning when I heard the announcer on AM 680 say something to the effect that 'blogs are for losers, next on 680'. I must've fallen back asleep. But it brings up an interesting point, does being committed to blogging mark you as a loser or, gasp, geek? Granted, like cable tv, there is more than enough bad programming out there - but for every lets say 50 crappy websites, there is one winner. The author is informed, articulate, entertaining and makes you want to check back to see what they'll write about next!

One such winner I found today is Found him through Luminous Landscape. George Barr is a fine art photographer, who happens to also be a doctor. From what I have seen so far, his photography is devoid of people
(my favourite subject) and showcase the beauty of both natural and man-made forms.

I've been on a bit of an architectural kick inspired by the Varsity Centre bubble. It's such a cool space and I've found the sheer scale of it to spark a different corner of my creativity.

Another photographer I found recently is Steven Evans. I was on the Canadian Opera Company website looking for a friend's email address (she works there) and was struck by the photograph of the new Four Seasons opera building. The photo was properly credited and a quick google led me to the website above. Architecture is showcased and makes me appreciate the artistry not only of the photographer, but also of the architect who designed such beautiful buildings in the first place. I would think that with CAD and whatever imaging technology available that the architect would know how the building would look from every vantage point, but the photographer can reveal a new way of seeing the space through lighting, colour, and composition.

As Joyce from "My Name is Earl" would say, the wide wide web is amazing!

Varsity Bubble

The assignment - photograph the new Varsity Centre domed field in use by varsity and intramural teams... the football team was nowhere to be found but the men's varsity soccer team was in full attendance and the injured guys were especially fun to shoot on the sidelines. The guys were willing participants for all my 'posed candid' suggestions and thanks to their accurate kicks, my personal nightmare of having a 1kg zoom lens smashed into my face didn't come true.

As always, the student-athletes pictured below are welcome to download photos for their own personal use. Publications and organizations, I'm counting on your honesty to contact me for usage permission. Thanks!

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