Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday already

I can't believe that we are once again at the end of the week. Time really passes quickly when you are busy.

Tuesday evening was spent meeting with clients (Bad) Kathy and Dave,and their wedding coordinator Lisa down at the Blue Dot Gallery in the Distillery District. (We only call Kathy "Bad Kathy" in rugby related context. So as a bride we'll have to just call her Kathy.) I was a bit taken aback when I first saw Kathy arrive at the meeting -- she broke her nose over the weekend playing rugby and she had the whole racoon face thing going on. Ouch! Not to worry, there is a full month before her big day and we know that the bruises will fade by then (we speak from experience!)

It was great to meet Lisa, she has a wonderful vision for the set up and flow of the event at the gallery.

The Distillery District is made up of lots of shops and galleries in the old Gooderman and Worts factory grounds. Beautiful cobblestone walks and old brick buildings. We got a preview of what the area will look like at the end of December when we exited the gallery -- lots of white christmas lights on the trees -- just insert snow!


Another project I have on the go is laying out a wedding book for Steve and Christy. The were married over a year ago and the poor parents are still waiting for just one itsy bitsy photo to frame and put on the mantle. I attended their wedding as a guest which means that I am working with another photographer's photos. Cropping, touching up, adjusting etc. A bit weird but I guess I am wearing a graphic design hat vs a photographer's. As fulfilling as it is to see the results of the layout (click here), I know this would be much more satisfying if I were working from my own images. Well, at least I can't blaim myself when I see an otherwise perfectly good picture get ruined by camera shake, poor focus or other such mishaps.