Monday, November 21, 2005

Good weekend.

Another weekend comes to a close.
Friday night we watched Born Into Brothels, the Oscar winning documentary about a group of Calcutta red-light district kids who learn to express themselves through photography. Although it is praise of "UPLIFTING!" and "ASTONISHING" are on the DVD cover, beware that the subject matter can be heavy. Regardless I would definitely recommend it.

Saturday was very eventful, starting with a morning assignment photographing some of the University's Junior Blues programs. What is more cute than big helmetted little kids shuffling along the ice as they learn to skate?

The afternoon was spent with the 'big kids'. A group of us went down to the annual food and wine show at the convention centre and sampled many a fine and not so fine wine.

Today was perhaps one of the most productive days (despite sleeping way-in on account of the wine). Fred helped me plan out my next steps for the business -- boring stuff like budgeting, and fun stuff like the wedding show in Hamilton. More on that later.

I am begrudgingly looking forward to finally tasting some infamous Turducken on Thursday. Turducken, which was made famous by football commentator John Madden, is a chicken inside of a duck, inside of a turkey stuffed with sausage. A vegetarian's worst nightmare and of course American in origin. When I heard it described as a boneless turkey stuffed with boneless duck etc, I totally envisioned this golden brown turkey that looks entirely normal, until you cut into it and like a giant meat tartufo, you get concentric rings of different meat. After hearing so much about this dish I was disappointed to learn it doesn't look like a turkey, but just a giant roll of meat. FEH! I hardley believe that it could be as difficult to make as it is made out to be. So, until I taste this thing, I remain skeptical.

Gourmet Turducken a la Martha Stewart's daytime show.