Friday, November 18, 2005

Gimme a pound, dawg

I wonder, do Humane Society staff and volunteers place wagers on how long it takes certain dogs to find a home?

Fred and I have been considering the possibility of adding a dog to our lives. We agree that a rescue or shelter dog would be best since we have had such a rewarding experience with finding our two cats at the humane society. The Society's web page lists the dogs available for adoption and twice this week, and I've noticed that any dog under the age of 6 months gets snatched up in a matter of hours.

I am not the only one checking the web page more than once a day!

The Toronto Humane Society, besides being an amazing organization is probably the most visible of all animal shelters. Everyone knows about the 'shelter on River street' and they garner a lot of good publicity. They also have the lowest adoption fees anywhere in the city. They must do well on their fundraising.

Which reminds me, I should go over my 2005 finances and follow through on my intentions to donate to the the Humane Society and Athletes for Africa.

Our cats, Mia and Darius. They are now 2.75 years old or so we estimate.


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