Friday, November 18, 2005

Class in session!

For the past three Thursdays I have been unenthusiastically attending the "Wedding Photography" course at George Brown College. The instructor has tonnes of photography experience but the class curriculum is disappointing, catering to a very basic level, like what happens during a wedding day and what shots to take... stuff I already know like the back of my hand. I thought about dropping the class last week, but my sister advised against it - "push him for information" she encouraged.

I endeavoured to ask more questions at tonight's class, but what really made the class worth while was finally breaking past the polite hellos with my classmates. I formally met and talked to Jenny, a graphic designer; Greg, a software proprietor; and Charmaine, a photography student. From diverse backgrounds, but all sharing a thirst for learning.

After making these new connections at tonight's class the idea-gears starting picking up, and I felt, dare I say, inspired. It's as if these new people spark a chain reaction - like brain synapses! (Ok that was pretty nerdy.) Now I am looking forward to talking more to these three classmates, as well as properly meeting the other four women in the class. Yay!

Here's an illustration of a happiness chain reaction:

July 22, 2005 at Angela and Kristian's Toronto wedding. The bride's father (left) shares a laugh with Jose, a friend of the groom.


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