Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weekend update

Friday, November 25

After the Varsity Stadium ground breaking ceremony I went home, took a nap so that I could head back down to campus to shoot the basketball games.

Third year Varsity Blue Laila Bellony (#15) squeezes a lay up past the York Lions defense. The Blues were defeated at home with a score of 89-56.

The Varsity Blues men had better luck against their cross-town rivals, putting in a 70-86 win against the Lions. Second year guard Dwayne Grant (#34) takes it in past three York players.

Saturday, November 26
Happy Birthday Chris, Jon and Yakos. No photos from the actual event but here's Chris:

Sunday, November 17
It was tough getting out of bed this morning (the night before was a good, old fashioned bender, complete with post-last-call chinese food). But Junior Blues mini-tennis awaited! I can't really post pictures of the kids, since the parents signed releases for U of T promotion purposes only. But no harm when you can't tell who it is. Here's a creative interpretation for a tennis raquet. His hair represents how I felt this morning.

The Toronto Dragons rugby club had their season-end banquet today. This year's event was hosted at Sher-E Punjab on the Danforth. Fantastic. And I have to admit, the buffet tray full of Mattar Paneer was a dream come true! No need to ration the cubes with your table mates... and all the better when other people thought it was tofu.

Players awards were handed out and I was proud to see Fred win the first team man-of-the-match award. Yay! Pictured below is Fred with Coach Jim Andaloro.