Friday, September 21, 2007

open sesame

I've just spent almost the whole afternoon playing geek and fixing up the password protection system for my wedding galleries. Over the past year or so I have been getting more and more complaints about not being able to access the galleries and how people's computers keep booting them back to the main page. This is due to a security 'feature' found on the newer versions of Internet Explorer. Much like the Apple vs PC commercials, everything that goes through needs to be 'authenticated' or pass rigorous security checkpoints - which meant that the benign little popups I had for passwords were getting blocked out. What a pain!

Anyhow, it should be fixed now. The new password is php based and when you click on a gallery, it takes you to a seperate password page and asks for the password (which is the groom's last name). I've QA'd it and it seems to all work, but if you do find a bug feel free to let me know!


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