Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pam and Ben

Congratulations to Pam and Benji!

Pam and Benji were wed yesterday in a beautiful ceremony. We followed that with a fun photo session at Dundurn Castle, where we also got to check out some of the other wedding parties that were there. We dubbed one group the 'rebel' wedding - apart from the bride they were all dressed in black - girls in black mini-dresses and the guys in black shirts and white ties. It was also interesting that the other two groups were huge - each with at least 8 attendants on either side.

Anyways, enough about other weddings. Benji and Pam are a great couple to work with and you could feel the love radiating from the happy couple and from their friends and family. Their first dance was a choreographed ballroom routine to the love theme from Zafarelli's Romeo and Juliet (1960s), which moved the father of the groom to tears.


After the wedding I visited my parents in Burlington where it was nice to get a home cooked meal not made by me! I followed that up with what I feel was a well deserved power nap! Thanks mom. It was also nice to be there in person to wish my dad a happy birthday! He turns 61 today.

Happy Birthday also to my cousin Anna! She shares a birthday with my dad.

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