Saturday, August 04, 2007

Encounters with nature...

I just got back from a short camping trip with Fred and Kafrey. We went to Killbear Provincial Park and in the brief three days and two nights there, saw a deer run right through the next campsite, saw a black bear wander right towards our campsite (and then hustle away after Kafrey barked and I yelled - this is at 6 a.m. of the 2nd morning), emerged from torrential downpour completely dry thanks to our new tent, and wondered what the heck that mysterious noise was in the middle of the night (both those were on the second night).

I found a link to the weird noise here (cut and paste):

Can you guess what creature that is? There were two of them, having a conversation/fight whatever and it went on for what seemed like at least 5 loud minutes.

No photos of the wildlife encounters as they all took me by surprise - didn't think to take a camera to bed and I wasn't about to run to the car to get it while the bear was sniffing around.

Eventful, fun and too short! Here are some photos from planned activities!

Oh, the noise was from two Barred Owls: The Barred Owl, latin name Strix varia. The call of the Barred Owl is one of the easiest to identify because it sounds like a cross between a dog barking and a rooster crowing! (info adapted from Too bad we had no idea what it was when we heard it!


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