Sunday, December 18, 2005


We are the proud new doggy-parents of a dog with no name! This photo is from his online listing. Body of a springer spaniel, face more like a border collie. Just like we wanted, he is from the pound (Toronto Animal Services -- the one at Eglinton and Keele).

No-name has a great temperament and personality, especially for a four-month old. He was an absolute star at the Petsmart, despite the fact that he was still kinda stinky. Took well to a bath and even the hair dryer! What a dream! It is early yet, so we'll see how he grows into his new family.

Cats are coping amazing well. Darius decided that No-name was eating too slowly so decided to reach into the crate and scoop out kibble for himself. Mia took the 'let sleeping dogs lie' adage to an extreme when she tip-toed in sllloooowww motion up to the crate, around and then back to her perch. Very funny.