Saturday, August 09, 2008

Carey and Dean

Congratulations to Carey and Dean! This happy couple 'weathered' the storm in good spirits and were even willing to frolick in a wet meadow when the rain held off. Bad weather is a challenge for everyone, but it's a good way to keep a photographer on her toes - like fitting a wedding party of 12 on a cramped balcony. The venue in Kettleby, the Manor by Peter and Paul was beautiful and it was too bad we couldn't take full advantage of the landscaped grounds. There were two other weddings hosted at the venue that same day and I'm sure their photographers went through the same challenges.

Enough about the weather. Check out the rest of the photos under the recent weddings section. The password is Dean's last name. Thank you to Krystina and Jeff (May 17, 2008) for the referral. And thank you also to all the wedding guests who cheered Carey and Dean on as they (uncharacteristically) publicly displayed their affections for each other.



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