Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stacie and Chad

Don't get fooled by the post time of this entry - this is a retroactive post for Stacie and Chad's wedding. I was wisked away to a cottage getaway immediately after their wedding on July 26 so the usual blog post got lost in the shuffle of vacationing.

Stacie is an old friend and we go back to Varsity Blues rugby days at U of T, living together in fourth year in a house of seven women (still friends), and playing rugby together after school with the Toronto Saracens. Since then, Stacie has become a registered massage therapist, then to teacher's college in Calgary where she met Chad. I was of course curious about this guy who swept Stacie off her feet and got to meet him for the first time three days before the wedding at our practice shoot. I was instantly charmed by his warm smile and firm handshake (always a good sign!) and could see right away that Stacie and Chad have a great connection.

Congratulations Stacie and Chad! xoxo


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