Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Family portrait highlights

When it's not wedding time, it's family portrait time! I've been lucky to get just enough great weather to capture these families at their best. Coincidentally, I also showed up for the last two family portrait sessions dressed in the exact same colour scheme as the families I was shooting. Completely unplanned - I guess that just shows how in sync we were to be that day!

Welcome back Perun and Noah, who both just turned one. And welcome to the Law's who received their family portrait session as a Christmas gift from their sister Karen, a elementary school classmate of mine! (Yes, this is another case of a facebook enabled reunion).


This is Noah melting. I love this photo, he just looks so fed up. He did great though, lasting for as long as most older kids last, which is about 40-50 minutes.

What's so funny? The two boys were playing 'photographer's assistant' and providing all sorts of funny faces and antics to keep the grown-ups laughing.


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