Wednesday, June 25, 2008

catching up again

Remember little baby Jake? He was the baby on the striped couch with the fuzzy teddy bear. Well, that was almost two years ago. Here he is again, joined by little brother Henry. We also did a reprise of the previous setting with Henry.

Sisters Olivia and Victoria

Mom and dad, very much in love.
The entire family!

Savario and GusGus

Little Mia - doesn't she look like a perfect cherub?

The kids with mom Amanda.

Welcome to Imajing, Vanessa and Mark - looking forward to your August wedding!

But first, there is Joanne and Mark in July...

And on a completely unrelated note from families and couples, we have young Reema. The styling team of Artisan Raw brought me on for this amazing shoot this past Monday. The settings, all along Queen West were truly inspired and the hair and makeup team of Candice and Lisa made it easy for me.
This was in an overgrown back backyard adjacent to a parking lot. There was also a mysterious stink coming from the weeds. Ew.
Glammed up at Cartel clothing store.
The finale, at a place called the Bomb Shelter. We were all so tired by this point but were all still so inspired by each other and the new setting. Lovin' it.


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