Sunday, May 06, 2007

Food, rugby and cars

What a weekend! Friday evening was spent photographing the Aphrodite Cooks couples cooking class. Above is a shot of the Nella retail/teaching kitchen facilities. This is after everyone was done cooking and they're just chilling, having some wine.

Saturday was rugby day - although I have to admit I was more excited to see my dog Kafrey's border collie instincts kick in as he herded the rugby guys while they warmed up! (It was a Dragons intersquad srimmage, more like a practice than a bonafide game). Aherding-dog is something I didn't quite get the hang of photographing! (Either that or the dog was doing such a good job keeping the people in a tight group).

And today was spent up in Milton with a group of Ford Mustang enthusiasts! Very cool and educational. The complete gallery of these photos will be posted by tomorrow evening. There are lots of photos to go through! So check back here and I'll post a link to that gallery. In the meantime, here are some shots from the day:

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