Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The internet is a great resource for people like me - that is, people who like a Do-It-Yourself solution.

We've had a laser printer on loan for a while now, that we haven't returned because of a printer jam problem. It's an NEC brand desktop laser printer, which I have since learned, is notorious for getting parts. Googling for "printer repairs" was useless, all I got was phone numbers for printer repair shops who either don't answer the phone, or don't fix this brand. I can't remember what I fixed in the search phrase, but happened upon this gem: and a quick search and perusal got me to exactly the right solution.

It was mind-numbingly simple too - I just had to take out two components, flip up a flap and then pull the little black rollers back into place.

Other things I've fixed thanks to the internet:

Clothes dryer (needed a new pulley thing)
Busted copper pipes (I know how to solder now)
Vacuum cleaner (new belt needed)
Car (not really, but I was able to diagnose that it needed a new distributor -- this is one task for the pros!)

Anyhow, it's a bit geeky, but I love fixing problems -- the whole search, synthesizing, applying, testing and adjusting of information is really fun to me. Appliance repair is rewarding, but solving visual problems is even better. Like I mentioned in my previous post, sometimes with art, nothing comes out right some days. But when you break through the problem (whether it be a eureka moment, or through careful analysis) it is the best feeling. And usually the best solution is the most elegant and simple.

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