Thursday, March 22, 2007

Like a crazy bear lost in a swamp...

That's how Billy Ray Cyrus' dancing was described by Bruno, the flamboyant Italian judge on Dancing with the Stars the other night. If you can picture a crazed bear, then you can picture the rest! Thank goodness for digital recorders, which lets me fastforward the commercials so that I only waste 1.3 hours of my life instead of the 2 hrs if I watched it live. Another guilty pleasure show is America's Next Top Model (also with way too many commercial breaks) - but as it turns out, watching ANTM has actually been educational when it came time to do my first fashion shoot (see previous posts).

Another time-sucker is the vortex known as Facebook. It's the latest incarnation of those networking websites like friendster, myspace etc except that this one actually works, looks good, easy to navigate and best of all, is fast. The downside is trying to find an old classmate with a name like 'Matt Jones' or 'Sarah Smith', so I just let other people find me instead - I'm pretty sure I'm the only Jing-Ling Kao on Facebook.

Good novels are a love-hate thing for me. I love getting into a good book, but once I do, I devote every spare minute to finishing the story. Most recent one: "Until I Find You" by John Irving. Great writing, addictive plot, a bit twisted.

And, final time-waster is the "Fine Gold" store at Dufferin Mall. I bought Fred a watch as a wedding present from there - albeit a bit last minute on my part. Was told by the manager that I could get it engraved for free and in one day, just bring it back. But when I brought it back later that week, that manager was nowhere and was told by the-woman-who-is-now-my-least-favourite-store-clerk, that not only would it cost to get it engraved, but also cost to get a link taken out! Anyhow, I got it engraved and resized, only paid for the engraving, and waited 10 days for it -- they never called me to tell me it was ready because they filed the watch under the 'layaway' instead of 'repair' bin. Don't bother with that store.

To balance out the universe, I will tell you about a great jeweller - Amalia on St. Clair West, north side, west of Christie. Great service and craftsmanship - we got our wedding bands from him. (I didn't get the watch from there because the other place had a good sale on watches more in my price range but instead I bought a headache).

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