Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fashion foray

Today was my first experience shooting fashion! And I am excited!

James King, who is the director of student resources at the Art Institute of Toronto called me in to shoot the final term projects for the fashion students at AITO. I have to admit I was hesitant because I had never shot fashion before... but I'm glad I did it! I bought myself a big roll of seamless white backdrop and rented the rigging. The lighting was just a bunch of off camera flashes (I haven't brushed up enough on using 'real' studio strobes yet - so I went with the known quantity).

The students and the models were great, and Cameron, the course instructor was super!

When it comes down to it, lighting is lighting and people are people... what was I scared of? :) I think Fred put it best - I deal with the toughest models with brides on a regular basis - brides, although they look their best, are for the most part not experienced models, in the middle of their most important day, somewhat stressed, and wearing a big white dress. Some differences I did note, especially afer going through all the shots: models can be put in uncomfortable poses - in fact they usually look better when they look awkward; shooting from a lower perspective is better for models - again, it exagerates the awkwardness, and long legs - and while regular people look better when shot from above, it just makes the models look like their head is too big and legs too short - not good. Also harsher lighting is ok for fashion. I still have a lot to learn, but my curiosity is piqued!!

Designer - Ashley Lynn Storm, model - Kseniya

Designer - Luis Rajiv Agcilar, model - Leeann

Designer - Luis Rajiv Agcilar, model - Nancy

Designer - Rosa Mindreau, model - Megan

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