Sunday, August 06, 2006

Andrea and Kevin

Congratulations to Andrea and Kevin!

If they look a bit familiar, it's because Andrea is Kathy's sister and I shot Kathy and Dave's wedding back in December.

It was a truly enjoyable wedding day at the University of Western Ontario campus' Great Hall. Andrea and "her former ex-boyfriend and now husband" (I'll explain), Kevin are two of the most kind and laidback people you will ever meet. You could literally feel the good vibes and love from the family and friends who surrounded them... despite the good natured jabs at Kevin's expense during the speeches. The two of them dated a bit in high school until life led them down separate paths. A few years ago, Andrea's mom noticed in the local paper that Kevin's mother had passed away. Andrea couldn't make it to the visitation because she was living out of town, but her parents made sure to attend. And it was because of that gesture that Andrea and Kevin regained contact and have been a couple ever since.

It was a fun wedding to shoot and it will be fun to edit and go through all the photos. Hope to have them posted by about Tuesday evening or so.


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