Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Web design and compatibility

Thanks everyone for your feedback on the wedding slideshow for Lena and Peter. After hearing all of that, I was reminded why I designed my website the way I did (simple, nothing flashy, easy to navigate). Most people had some sort of complication viewing the Flash format slideshow. Monitors with different resolutions, no Flash plugin installed, connection too slow and who know what other compatibility issues.

As fun as it was to create a slideshow with music and moving pictures, it's no good to anyone if only 30% of the visitors can see it! So with that in mind, I have updated the wedding gallery section with some photos from recent weddings, and kept the complete wedding galleries as password protected areas for the clients, their wedding guests and other friends.

That being said, photos are now online for Tony & Agnes, and Lisa & Marc. Click here to access the galleries.


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