Thursday, July 13, 2006

Looking forward

Here's a good use for those engagement photos...

These are being printed as wallet sized photos at my regular lab. I take them to the wedding and if I haven't already checked, make sure it's ok with the bride to have these available to the guests.

I've done this a few times before and I've found that if you make this little handout (essentially a customized business card) nice enough, the wedding guests actually ask for one, and want to keep it as a wedding souvenir! You don't have to make a million copies -- as a rule of thumb I halve the number of wedding guests so that each couple or household gets one. My notes from my meetings with the couple come into play now (ie. How many guests, colour theme, formality of event, personal style etc).

It's a bonus when you have a great shot of the bride and groom on hand. Failing that, I use another photo. In the case of Nadine and Michael, the photo was taken during a site visit to their wedding venue.

So there we go! The guests get a nice souvenir and a gentle prompt to go to my website. From there they just click click click and find their way to the website, and also have an opportunity to purchase photos. And now that YOU know about these upcoming weddings, make sure you check back often for new wedding photos!

Is anyone reading this blog a photographer? Drop me a line and tell me who you are! Was this information helpful?


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Torie and Erik said...

No photographer, but I love the photo of tony and agnes! Hope you guys have a great time at their wedding. I can't wait to see your pics!


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