Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bizarre kitchen accident

I never remember to check the top shelf of the cupboard before I go grocery shopping when lasagna is on the week's roster. I'll come home with a package, only to find that I already have at least two mismatched (whole-wheat, oven-ready, regular) packages lurking on the shelf.

This week I remembered not to buy noodles and was pleased to find that memory served and there were indeed two packages in stock. I was ready to use the oven-ready ones when I changed my mind and decided to reach for the healthier package of whole-wheat pasta teetering in the basket on the top shelf..... SMASH! I have learned that 1) lasagna noodle boxes should be stored upright, with the tab inserted in the slot, 2) shattered uncooked lasagna noodles are sharp and 3) my dog Six will eat anything remotely resembling food.

The good news is that I am 45 minutes away from a cooked lasagna (made from not-as-healthy regular noodles) and that I no longer have a surplus of lasagna noodles.



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