Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gary Fong

If you've seen me work then you've probably asked me if that funny thing on my flash is a beer cup. No, it's a diffuser - and then I'll explain the benefits of diffuse and bounced light over direct (aka mug shot) flash. If you still looked like you were interested then I would go on to explain that the diffuser is from Gary Fong.

I think I've mentioned Gary Fong before in a previous post. I've long been an admirer of Gary Fong, as a business person, entrepreneur and photographer. Reading his blog inspired me to start this blog and post my thoughts and work out in the open like this. I could go on....

Anyhow, I was thrilled to see my photo entry for his 'Love my Fong' ad campaign on his blog. A copy of the pic is above. If you've been here before then you would recognize Kafrey dog and Darius cat being hypnotized by the Fong. The other submissions to the right of my photo are from fellow Fong-fans, Brent Jones, Andy Marcus, Jennifer Kiefer.

The link to the Gary Fong blog entry is here: www.xanga.com/item.aspx?user=garyfong1&uid=598132399&tab=weblogs



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