Thursday, June 14, 2007

traditional cheese?

Article: Say Cheese, A Defense of Traditional Wedding Photography

Take a read and let me know what you think about this article. I'll let you know my take on this in another post.

Did you read the article yet? Click above first and then come back to join the discussion.


Upon reading the title I sort of cheered to myself - I've always maintained that there is nothing old fashioned or dated about doing the posed group shots - it's a big part of the wedding day and speaking pragmatically, those are the shots that are purchased for framing, albums etc.

I do think that the article unneccessarily polarizes the 'traditional' and 'photojournalistic' styles by placing photographers in one or the other camps. But then it goes on to say if any traditional photographer is worth their salt, then they would capture those candid moments anyhow. So, the title is a bit misleading - the real point of the article is, make sure your photographer is not just some hack with a digital slr passing themselves off as a photojournalist, nor are they some outdated dinosaur who recreates moments with cheesy posed fascimiles - in other words, make sure you photographer is good.

If you've seen me work, then you know that there is a place for the posed shots, and that candid moments will be captured as they happen - ideally without the subjects knowing. "Posed candids" are a part of the deal - those are the run down the hill, kiss her, now dip! type arrangements. I'll find the best looking spot, and then the rest is up to the bride and groom!


The most interesting thing I did glean from this article is this link to Trash the Dress.

What a great idea! The images are pretty inspiring and it would be amazing to collaborate with someone as if they were wearing their sweats! The idea behind this movement is that since you are never going to wear the dress again, why not take it out again and wear it like you just don't care (the degree of trashing is agreed upon before - you'll see anything from just getting a bit sandy, to all out ripped to shreds in the mud).



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