Friday, August 18, 2006

Got all my work done early today and headed off to the beach with Kafrey and our neighbour Finn.

(Sidebar: Does this seem weird - I wasn't able to get a rental car from Hertz for Saturday - Sunday if I were to pick it today, Friday, or Saturday. But I was able to snag one by picking one up Thursday afternoon and keeping it until Sunday. So essentially I was swooping in early and taking someone's reserved car. When I asked Curtis-my-Hertz-guy about this he just shrugged and said Hertz would figure it out. Very strange business, it's like the locations have no power whatsoever and are at the mercy of "Hertz", the head office. I hope this doesn't mean somebody's Saturday plans are ruined - like me and eight other customers three weeks ago.)

So the beach is great fun. Highly recommend taking your pooch down to Cherry beach. Huge off leash area and plenty of water to wade around in. It also exhausts the dogs completely.

The drawback is the drive home. Lakeshore road, at 3:30 pm on a Friday afternoon is a very bad idea. I there I was, bumper to bumper with the rest of the world. My mind wandered a bit and I was looked at the guy behind me in the rearview mirror. He looked completely dejected. He also looked a bit like Mike Melick (rugby guy from my old club, the Saracens), but it wasn't him. Mind kept wandering, thinking about what a nice guy Mike is, the good old rugby days, old teammates etc etc. About 300 metres and 15 minutes later, who should pull up beside me in the next lane but the big man himself! Did I conjure him, did I catch his brainwaves and think about him? It really was him. We exchanged hellos but then the traffic got moving and lost track of him. So Mike if you are reading this, hi again and hope that all is well with you!


Looking forward to tomorrow's wedding (Mike and Nadine) at the Markham Museum. Am excited to see how her outfit turned out. I've seen the dress (Lowon Pope, totally stylish and beyond the norm) but stuff like accessories, jewelry were still up in the air.

Also, Julie and Andrew's wedding photos are now posted. Hit the recent weddings section to take a peek.


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