Monday, June 26, 2006

bad internet day

If you can have a bad hair day can you have a bad internet day? My server seems to be down, which means I have no email, no ftp, no website. I hope this doesn't last much longer!

I don't even know who would be reading this blog to know that, since this is linked from my main page, which for all purposes does not exist on the internet right now!

Anyhow.... last week was busy!

Together with our neighbours, we built a wooden fence. We now have some privacy, especially from the laneway at the back. I think Fred put it best when he said that 'we have a backyard now, and I no longer feel like I'm imposing on the people walking by in the alley'!

When the server's back up, go ahead and check out the photos of our adventure:


I didn't think I would like taking photos of inanimate objects, but I've found that I really enjoy photographing food. Or maybe it's because I've been photographing food that is not only beautiful, but delicious. Here are some more food shots:

And finally, Sunday was rounded out with an engagement portrait session with Julie and Andrew -- who also conveniently live around the corner from us!

They're a lot of fun and look forward to shooting their wedding in August.

The photos below are a demo of what I do to photos during post processing. The first shot is pretty much straight out of camera. I shoot in RAW (instead of JPG) format so I'm able to bring out a lot of different effects by simply adjusting the exposure.

So here is a second version, slightly overexposed during RAW processing:

Here's where the fancy stuff begins. Using multiple layers and techniques, I have done a number of things to change up this photo, without, IMO, making it too 'dreamy' or overdone looking. The skin textures have been smoothed out, teeth whitened, and background darkened. I think I did something else too but I can't remember now. What I do to each photo is very much dependant on the image. Definitely not cookie cutter solutions.


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