Thursday, February 23, 2006

according to my calculations...

This is something I'm excited about! I've created an excel file that will help brides calculate the most suitable wedding photography coverage with me. By answering simple questions like, how many in the bridal party, do you want photos of your first dance etc, the form pops out a package name, price and amount of print credit.

Oh yeah, I've also modified my wedding packages using a print credit model, so the customer can mix and match print sizes, albums to what works best with them.

And then, after it has told you how much print credit you get, you can then play around with different combinations of print sizes.

To check out the calculator go here: and just click on the sentence that says 'download'.

Next step, to get this truly online as a java applet or something so that you can see the results right online.
Also in the works is to update the entire look of the website.



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